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Conservation & Minimum Impact codes.

We recognise the importance of conserving the outdoor environments we operate in.
Careful regard to the number of participants in each group, the appropriateness and sustainability of venues and our proximity to other user groups are all taken into careful consideration on our courses.
We take our duty of care to the environments we operate in seriously.

We enjoy professional relationship with the RSPB, and other wildlife organisations by contributing our time towards worthy conservation projects.
We actively impart a sense of care to the groups we work with at all respective levels.
Steep & Deep do accept bookings from larger groups (40+), we re organise these groups into more managable sizes and disperse to seperate activity locations to minimise impact at natural venues.


Steep & Deep  have negotiated access to a wide range of purpose built training venues in the local area including...

  • Indoor climbing walls
  • Railway viaducts
  • Tree top traverses
  • High & low-level ropes courses
  • Zip lines
  • Other artificial training structures
  • Sections of river, canal and open water at nearby reservoirs

These arrangements provide a greater variety of appropriate activity opportunities suitable for wider range of client groups and limit our impact at natural venues.

Additional arrangements are also in place to a number of significant caving venues in the region.
We are privileged to be able to offer genuine exploratory opportunities that could rarely be replicated by other providers.

Peak District Environmental Quality Mark - Certification mark for business

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